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Applied Science of Energy and Materials

The purpose of the Applied Science of Energy and Materials Group establishment is used to forest a person of talent who possess cross domains of fundamental theories and design performance of green battery, such as green materials, green electrochemistry and green energy management. Our institute not only educates the principle and research work of fuel cell, lithium ion battery and solar cell, but heightens the training of green battery design and the electric power administration. In addition, a practice experiment working in the industry is going to provide in this institute, reinforcing an experience which is scanty of school education before. The Applied Science of Energy and Materials Group is the one of research file concerning the core of green battery; we wish this team will be one of the top research groups in the world.

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Taiwan fabricates lots of project regarding personal, integral and national project; however, they are all focusing and giving consideration of earth environment and human life. All of the purpose are correlating to the energy category and fit our originally opinions.

The Applied Science of Energy and Materials Group has many experience regarding material synthesis, identification and electrochemistry measurements. This field also has the several collaborations with international/ domestic academic, industry and technical shifting to ITRI, Dynapack, E-one, Amita, CDPC and TMC. We not only study fundamental research and development, but also have ability for fabricating full cell and trail production.