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Color, Imaging and Illumination Science and Technology Group



The group aims to provide comprehensive master and PhD programmes in the field of color, imaging and illumination science and technology. The key research areas are: color science, imaging science, illumination technology, color management, appearance measurement, color design. The above technology will be applied into applications such as the imaging, surface color, lighting, building industries.


l Objective

1. To provide high quality teaching in color, imaging and illumination science

2. To conduct research in color, imaging and illumination science relevant to a wide range of applications.

3. To work with industry and commerce in technology transfer.

4. To contribute to national and international standards in color, imaging and illumination science


l Laboratory

All the research activities and industrial projects are centered around the three research laboratories: Intelligent-Space (i-space), Imaging Quality (IQ) and Appearance Technology (AT). Each one has a descent size and is air conditioned.

i-space Laboratory

The lab is aimed to develop technologies to achieve ‘comfort’ living environment and high productive office environment by developing the quality of future lighting technology, digital home cinema including imaging and sound devices and viewing environment, the productivity of the work force in office environment.

The lab is equipped with light and sound sensors, the state of the art display and lighting technologies together with the leading sensor systems for measuring human responses.

IQ Laboratory

The lab is aimed to provide technology and standards for measuring image quality for display and printer systems. The lab can carry out the visual assessment and physical measurements under a variety of precisely controlled viewing conditions.

The lab is equipped with variety of digital imaging devices (displays, projects, printers, scanners), color and light and measuring instruments and image analyzer to measure the whole scene in images.

AT Laboratory

The lab is aimed to develop new technologies for measuring an object’s total appearance including color, texture, gloss and translucency. Many projects are carried out to assist engineers to perform quality and process control, and designers to specify their products in terms of physical measures.

The lab is well equipped with the state of the art technology for measuring opaque, transparent and translucent materials.