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Science Education and e-Learning Group

Science Education and E-learning Group

This group focuses on the following areas of research interest: science education, theoretical underpinnings of the constructivism, Internet-based learning theory and practices, e-learning teaching strategies, game-based learning, and e-learning behavior analysis. The characteristics of this group are as follows. First, we dedicate to the advancement of theories and practices in education. Second, we encourage teachers to integrate e-learning components to their pedagogical practices. Moreover, we expect our students to become not only inter-disciplinary but also international researchers. We encourage them to be equipped with the abilities to conduct research across the domains such as, science education, neuroscience, and digital technologies. Also, students are encouraged to submit their research to international conference papers or journal articles in order to enhance their academic visibility internationally. We are keen to seek the possibilities for international cooperation. Through the collaboration with well-known international researchers or research teams, we, therefore, can always lead the latest research trends and play an essential role in international research community.