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Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, NTUST
Christopher Whiteley

按一下放大照片!   Name:Christopher Whiteley 
Department:Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Tech.
Job Title:Professor
Personal Web Pages:
Contact Phone:(02)2730-6939


Educational background
‧PhD; Bio-Organic Chemistry; 1976; University of Natal, South Africa
‧MSc; Bio-Organic Chemistry; 1971; University of Natal, South Africa
‧ BSc (Hons); Biochemistry/Chemistry; 1970; University of Natal, South Africa
‧BSc; Biochemistry/Microbiology/Chemistry; 1969; University of Natal, South Africa



‧ Professor Enzymology Graduate Institute Applied Science & Technology; National Taiwan University Science & Technology; Taipei; Taiwan. (2012 -
‧ Emeritus Professor (Biochemistry); Rhodes University; (South Africa) (2012-
‧ Professor Enzymology; School Bioscience & Bioengineering
South China University Technology, Guangzhou; China (2007 – 2011)
‧ English Editor; Journal Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers
‧ Visiting Lecturer; International Training Programme; Chemical & Environmental Engineering; National Taiwan University; Taipei (2006 – 2012)
‧ Head, Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Biotechnology; Rhodes University; Grahamstown; South Africa. [2001 – 2004]
‧ Visiting Professor & Research Scientist; Department Chemical Engineering; National Taiwan University; Taipei; Taiwan (2004)
‧ Visiting Professor of Biochemistry; Institute Biomedical Technology & Veterans General Hospital; Yang Ming University; Taipei, Taiwan
‧ Visiting Professor of Enzymology & Organic Synthesis; Oregon State University; Corvallis, Oregon, United States of America
‧ Visiting Professor of Organic Synthesis; University British Columbia; Vancouver, Canada
‧ Associate Professor (Biochemistry); Rhodes University; (South Africa); 1988-
‧ Senior Lecturer (Organic Chemistry); Rhodes University; (South Africa); 1983-1987
‧ Lecturer (Organic Chemistry); Rhodes University (South Africa); 1979-1982.
‧ Project Leader (Environment); University of Calgary; Canada; 1978
‧ Research Associate (Environment); University of Calgary; Canada; 1976-1977.
‧ Junior Lecturer (Chemistry); University of Natal (South Africa); 1975-1976.



‧Fundamental Principles of Enzymology

‧Enzyme Fundamentals and Applications



field of research:
‧Medicinal Biochemistry and Enzymology of Neurological disorders
‧Protein structure and disease
‧Environmental Enzymology & Biotechnology
‧Chicory & Sugar research
‧Nanotechnology & Bionanomedicine


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