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Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, NTUST
Color, Imaging and Illumination Science and Technology Group



Research Interest

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Jong-Woei Whang

Professor, Head of Institute

natural light guiding system, optical and lighting design


Ming Ronnier Luo

Chair Professor, Director of Color, Imaging and Illumination Center

color science, imaging science, color appearance models, image quality assessment


Neng-Chung Hu


full spectrum daylight synthesizing by LEDs, facial reflectance and recognition, lighting and biological effect, color theory and applications, signal processing, communication, optics, pattern recognition


Li-Chen Ou

Associate Professor

color science, color psychology, color design, color emotion, image emotion, color harmony


Pei-Li Sun

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Assistant Professor

color engineering, digital image process, vision science, image analysis, color design, 3D image technology


Hung-Shin Chen

Assistant Professor

digital printing technology, color management, multimedia color management, cross-media reproduction


Chao-Hua Wen

Assistant Professor

color science and engineering, new-type monitor technology, digital image process, display human factors engineering, human-computer interaction, industrial engineering and engineering management


Tsung-Xian Lee

Assistant Professor

solid-state lighting, optical design, human factor in lighting, testing and evaluation methods, lighting applications


Tzung-Han Lin

Assistant Professor

3D computer graphics, 3D image processing, 3D image acquisition, computer vision