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Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, NTUST

Introduction of Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology


The Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology was established in 1979 and was originally named the Graduate Institute of Engineering as the National Taiwan Institute of Technology (NTIT) was developing its curricula to the graduate level. This graduate institute initiated many of the graduate programs that later became part of the College of Engineering in 1997 when NTIT was upgraded to university status. In 2008, this graduate institute became part of the Honors College and continues to perform its original role as an incubator, providing resources and support for the development of new interdisciplinary graduate programs. In August 2011, the institute was renamed as the ‘Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology’.
The institute emphasizes on fundamental sciences, education, and applied technologies. The mission of the institute is to foster individuals who are well trained in several disciplines including: energy and material technology, biomedical engineering, color, imaging and illumination, science education and e-learning. There are currently 10 full-time professors and 5 project-appointed instructors, including 3 international faculty. The research interests of the faculty cover a comprehensive range of disciplines including nanomaterials, biomedical materials, energy and environmental technology, semiconductor materials and measurements, biomechanics, energy policy, applied chemistry and physics, science education and e-learning.